How we started

Sensors on The People's Network

We have been part of the Helium Network coverage creation since the beginning of 2021.

Now it is undeniably demonstrated that LoraWAN is an efficient technology. As we find it interesting from the very first time as well, we decided to make this pretty unique concept a part of our lives.

We started the testing of sensors by ourselves, while deploying our own solutions.

After a short time, it has become an instant passion and we started Heliotics to help other people or companies to experience the advantage of The People´s Network.




Who we are


We have been part of manufacturing process for over a decade, managing production, quality and maintenance. During this time, we were devoted mostly to activities such as injection, stamping, semi or full automatic lines, machinery production and mold maintenance, with deep focus on Lean and optimization. Thanks to this experience, we know very well, what the production needs. Moreover, wee can give you an expertise on how to implement LoraWan solutions with focus on data collection, which will help


Our team's experience extends widely to different industries and segments: * *Automotive* Medical* Food * Logistics* Machinery* * So we exactly know the  operational challenges and what standards must be met in each sector.


We have a wide range of experiences in different geographies, having worked on almost every global market: European Union with EMEA territory and Asia. Our team is experienced dealing with organizations from different contexts and backgrounds, both in manufacturing processes and management consulting.

We Are On a


To help cities, organizations and individuals solving problems effectively with full advantage of IoT technology.

to realize our


Be leaders in designing precise,
durable and secure solutions together
with the best from each industry.

with our Core


Integrity, Perfection, Innovation and
Customer Focus.



Seed Studio Dragino Milesight Netvox Digital matter Helium Kontroltech Nova Labs Inc.



Heliotics brings IoT connectivity and IoT devices to individuals, private organizations or even cities through the latest blockchain technologies, IoT sensor and easy-to-deploy solutions.

Heliotics works with IoT communication protocol called LoRaWAN. We are always ensured you have proper connectivity for the right solution. Our goal is to make connectivity for you secure and accessible in any situation. We are using Helium network, but in case of poor coverage we will provide for you custom coverage.

With hundreds of sensors to choose from, finding out which IoT devices and sensors to deploy can be overwhelming. Heliotics takes the guesswork out of which IoT devices provide the best funcionality to meet your specific needs, all pre-provisioned and ready to deploy out of the box.

Heliotics provides for software integration for every IoT application or use case out there. Using our own solutions, creating dashboards and alert management. Our software integration allows you to access data from everywhere.

Heliotics provides integration of IoT services with focus on process optimization. We are implementing every use case with lean and cost saving activities to provide ideal ROI.

Data or measuring the processes is one of the crucial steps to achieve good decision making activities. Heliotics provides data collection, reports from deployed IoT sensors or devices in your use cases.

Our Locations

For all official matters and postal services, please refer to our office in Slovakia


Dubnica Nad Vahom