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The Internet of Things (IoT) opens up new possibilities on how to collect data, generate insights and improve processes. LoRaWAN protocol is the standard that enables the usage of low-powered smart sensors that send data wirelessly over long distances up to 10km.

Heliotics provides a complete portfolio of IoT solutions covering a wide range of business verticals.  Our solutions leverage the existing coverage for the LoRaWAN network and include smart sensors integrated in a fully customized mobile/app platform.


Heliotics brings IoT connectivity to individuals, private organizations and cities using state-of-the-art technology, world-class IoT devices and integrated solutions that are customized to user needs and easy to deploy.


Internet of Things

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We work with an IoT communication protocol called LoRaWAN. We provide network coverage to make our solutions accessible and secure under any circumstances. We use decentralized wireless infrastructure from Helium network.

Choosing which IoT devices and sensors to implement can be overwhelming when there are hundreds of options to choose from. With our selection of out-of-the-box ready sensors, we remove the guesswork in determining which will offer you the best functionality.

Heliotics provides integrated data visualization software for any IoT application and use case. We design customized browser-based dashboards that allow you to monitor your process data, manage alerts and access your smart sensor metrics from anywhere.

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Select from a large variety of customized and pre-packaged end-to-end IoT solutions that include connectivity, hardware and software. Collect and analyze data, automate and optimize your operations, reduce your cost, and provide an enhanced experience to your customers and users.

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