Providing complete solutions for IoT using LoraWAN

Deployment & Integration

We work with certified suppliers to provide customers with smart sensors for every application. We are help ing businesses and individuals deploying IoT sensors on the LoraWAN network. Reach out and we will assist you in solving your challenges using the Internet of Things immediately.

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Heliotics provides users with customized data visualization dashboards to get the best insights from smart sensors operation.

If you want to control, track, measure, evaluate or set alerts, every solution is possible to help you clearly visualize your processes and be in full control.

We provide simple deployment and integration of fully customized solutions for businesses and individuals and the security of your data is our main concern.

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LoraWAN Coverage

Internet of Things (IoT) systems and devices need a communication network that can support the transmission of data from and to the field-deployed devices and sensors. LoRaWAN is currently the dominant communication protocol globally for IoT deployments. We are providing everything including gateways, consultancy or choosing the right antena.