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We help clients unlock value by digitizing physical world data. Smart sensors collect real-time data and this data is processed, organized and transformed into insights to be leveraged to take well-informed decisions, effectively helping users making sense of the world.

In the section below you will find real use cases of dashboards with data being collected, processed and visualized. This is a good way to get a feeling of what it looks like to have smart sensors deployed and connected to a browser-based dashboard that can be accessed from any notebook, smartphone or tablet.

Watermeter Readings

Remote transmission of real-time watermeter readings.

Watermeter Readings

Water, gas and electricity meters are physically dispersed around buildings and cities, which makes the manual collection of meter readings a time and resource intensive process. Asset owners lack predictability about resource consumption and employees spend time and effort inefficiently to collect the readings in-person.
Smart sensors with wireless connectivity can be used to collect real-time resource consumption data without human interaction. Purpose-built sensors are placed on top of the metering devices, sending data to a server that visually presents the readings in a browser-based dashboard that can be accessed from any notebook, smartphone or tablet.
With this solution, asset owners can improve control of consumption and generate reports, bills or invoices automatically. It also allows users to take quick action in case of malfunction, leakage or abnormal usage and implement preventive actions to improve the security and operational efficiency, without having to wait weeks or months to identify issues.
smart watermetes dashboard showcase

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