Smart metering with LoRaWan

Why we think that @helium and #LoRaWAN network can play a big role in #Europe in the coming years? All the answers lay in the EU DIRECTIVE 2018/2002 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT.

In 2018 a directive was approved by the #EuropeanUnion which is focused on #energy savings.

1, According to article 9C – “Remote Reading requirements”: – All meters must be remotely readable by end of 2026. #watermeters #gasmeters

2, Reading must be done at least #monthly (ANNEX VIIa) 

3, Consumption reports must be available for individuals. #electricity #Europe


What are current meter readings looking like in Europe right now?

1. Old fashioned meters – offline reading
2. Connected with radio (walk-by)
3. Connected with Automated Meter Readers (ie WM-bus)
4. Connected #LoRaWAN – Low Range Wide Area Network
5. Private networks

Why does LoRaWAN stand out for this kind of solution?

1) No need to walk by the meters – 1 manpower tracks 1 small city in month! Going around, looking for reception, trying to collect data to his notebook – waste of resources

2) Coverage effectivity – one gateway can cover up to 5km in the urban areas. 

3) Energy efficient sensors – batteries can last up to 10 years with regular data transmission

4) Stability – radio frequency network, which when correctly installed can serve its purpose well

5) Penetration – signal can penetrate glass, walls, concrete and even underwater

6) Security – Compared to other transmission types like mobile radio, WLAN or wired, it does not offer any disadvantages in terms of security.


Why is helium network the right choice for all the meters in Europe?

1) It is LoRaWAN

2) No need to build infrastructure – it’s already here and keeps growing! 500K hotspots in Europe (970k in total worldwide) #ThePeoplesNetwork


3) Cost effective data transfers
– 24bytes of data credit costs $0.000010
– If 1000 devices would transmit 1 information per day year cost would be 3.65 USD
– one data credit can transfer double size as #sigfox network

4, Data collection – dashboards with #Datavisualization from sensors for everybody and with access from everywhere.  

This is the future, everybody can see their consumption realtime.

smart watermeters dashboard showcase

5, Roaming free – Any existing service or provider can start using #helium network by roaming their existing solutions


Considering all the pros and cons we think LoRaWAN Helium Network is up to the challenge by the European Union really well.

It will save time and money for building new infrastructure.

Remote monitoring will be more cost effective (no need to walk by).

How Heliotics Can help? 

We partnered up with companies who are doing water meters and heat cost allocators installations. 

Cooperate with them to provide services such as 

  • Coverage creation and maintenance
  • LoRaWAN sensors/meters deliveries (already partnerships)
  • Custom LoRaWAN sensors 
  • Energy portal and sensor onboarding 
  • Training and after sale service 

Our solution can be adjusted for all kinds of meters and sensors in the apartments or buildings 

  • gas meters 
  • water meters 
  • electricity meters 
  • water meters
  • leakage detection 
Service is available in all European countries 

If interested write us at  or check our WEBSITE

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