What IoT project we did in Barcelona?

We attended IoT World Solution Conference in May 2022  and we did a little fun project in order to bring HELIUM Network to this IoT conference with a real life use-case.

We were going around and we saw that on some places there were staff members manually counting people going in and out.

We found it ironic even on world class venues like this are not using any #IoT tech for such a simple tasks – wasting resources. #lean

As we normally carry a few sensors with us.

We prepared a quick demonstration to show how this process can be optimized using @helium network and #lorawan without need for any special infrastructure to be created since there is wide #helium coverage in Barcelona. 

LoRaWAN coverage

So we installed a LoRaWAN Motion PIR sensor (which can work as a people counter) with tape attached to the wall at the entrance of the main auditorium.

The idea was not to make this as a precise counter, but just to make a point and show how it can be easily done using Helium Network.

We did this as a way to create awareness about #helium and its applications when going around meeting people.

The effect was better than expected, since everyone loved seeing this working well in practice in a simple, easy and low-cost way using #ThePeoplesNetwork.

Statistics and Costs of This projects


Duration of measurement: 8 hours

Total count: 1350 (1200 after placement)

Assuming each attendee enters/exits: 600 attendees 

Min-Max temperature: 21-24ºC


network usage: USD 0,013 (67 DC for data transfer)

Browan PIR sensor: USD 40,00

Tape: USD 2,00

our time: priceless  (we love to deploy and play)

From this simple example you can see how easy and helpful #iot can be when using LoRaWAN Helium Network