Smart City Expo 2023: About LoRaWAN and Helium

It was very exciting to be at Smart City Expo World Congress 2023 in Barcelona and alongside the Helium team.

We really appreciate the time spent together and the opportunity to exhibit smart solutions powered by Helium LoRaWAN, creating a smarter and more connected world of tomorrow.

At the stand with Helium team

This leading international event for the smart city sector offered us a wonderful opportunity to exhibit and talk about the utility of Helium LoRaWAN and benefits of IoT solutions running on this network.

In addition to our other products, we focused mainly on 3 of them, which were characteristic for the exhibition due to their usefulness and applicability within Smart City use cases.

The ones which bring cost and time effectivity while contributing to lower environmental impact:
Vastum for effective smart waste management
Terra for optimized soil and irrigation management
Energy Monitor for economical management of all types of energy 

Not only did we have the opportunity to present our products, it was also a space to meet new people from this but also other industries.

We met a lot of IoT enthusiasts and open-minded people wanting to learn more about the solutions on The People’s Network (as Helium is dubbed). 

After all those talks about the technology it only underpins the value and benefits of LoRaWAN-powered IoT solutions bringing better efficiency in every aspect.

But it wasn’t only about the talks for us. We distributed a couple of sensors around the premises to showcase live demos of selected IoT solutions powered by Helium network.

In addition, we also participated in a Happy Hour event organized by Helium and LoRa Alliance where we gave away some merch, smart sensors and early access to our Heliotics app.

On top of that, it was a great chance to catch up with some of our partners, friends and other professionals from the sector.

It was a pleasure meeting the teams from Seeed, LoRa Alliance, 1NCE, LORIOT, Actility, ZENNERWATTECO and others. 

To sum up, it was 3 days full of talks with thoughtful leaders and IoT fans, smart solutions and LoRaWAN advocacy, and space for bringing up the value added the technology brings to make the future world more efficient.

Do you also want to become a part of this future of connectedness? Start modernizing your environment by implementing IoT with us. Let’s find together the solutions that will best suit your requirements.

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